3 Ingredient Peach and Nut Butter Ice Cream

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Ever since a new ice cream place moved into my neighborhood, I think about ice cream a lot. Like, at least once a day, and probably even more than that.

I indulge occasionally, but in between, I am trying to keep myself satisfied with foods that are a little more wholesome and a little less sugar-bomby. I used to make Frozen Banana ice cream, but I recently needed my ice cream fix and there were no frozen 'nanas in the freezer.

But, there were some frozen peaches.

I have no idea what prompted me to freeze them, but I am so glad I did. Combined with some leftover Cinnamon Roll Almond Nut Butter and a squeeze of liquid vanilla stevia, I ended up with the most delicious homemade ice cream I have ever encountered. It might even rival the real ice cream down the street. It had all of the creamy richness that banana ice cream sometimes can lack.

Even my husband, who originally said no thanks, ended up asking me for more spoonfulls.

3 Ingredient Peach and Nut Butter Ice Cream

Servings: 1


  • 1 1/2 frozen peaches
  • 1/2 cup nut butter (I used this cinnamon almond butter, which is easy to make in a blender)
  • Sweetener - I used about 10 drops of Vanilla Nunaturals Stevia, but you can also use any sweetener of choice.


  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender, and blend well. You may need a stick or tamper to keep things moving.
  2. Serve!


Halloween Prep: Claire Underwood Costume

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It's never too early to pick your Halloween costume...

I am a major dress up fan, and a huge fan of Halloween in particular. Every year for the past few years, I have decided on my costume in AUGUST and started prepping for a unique outfit.

Last year, I was Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. Before that, I was Effie Trinkett from Hunger Games, with my husband being Seneca Crane (the beard!). Before that, there was an Avatar character and a disco stick (Lady Gaga reference). Basically, I follow the trends, and I choose a character from my favorite movie/show/some other pop  culture reference.

I must have some kind of "blonde envy." This will be my third blonde wig in three years, so I am growing a collection over here.

Why do I need a blonde wig? This year, I am planning to embody my favorite style icon from the past year or so: Claire Underwood. If you don't understand her fashion icon status, read this Buzzfeed article and weep. She is from House of Cards and she is amazing.

Characteristics of Claire's Style:
  • Chic, short blonde hair
  • Bold, boxy glasses
  • Slim, well-tailored dresses in dark colors
  • High neckline on tailored dresses
  • Black heels 
  • Expensive black bag (she usually rolls with YSL)

How to Nail It With Costume Pieces:
  1. Jones New York Sheath Dress ($$) -- if you look better in gray than black
  2. Merona Sleeveless Dress ($) -- for the price conscious - this is on sale for $13 right now!
  3. Sassy Synthetic Capless Pixie Short Wig
  4. Warby Parker Beckett Thick Frames
  5. Fiji Sleeveless Dress ($$$) -- for showing off your arms!
  6. Michael Kors Leather Sheath Dress ($$) -- a little more edgy, which Claire does occasionally do
  7. Tahari Cali Sheath Dress ($$) -- adds some waist action
And for my husband? Time to find a way to turn him into Frank...

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