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/// 1. /// I am OBSESSED with the show Orphan Black. I can't stop watching it, even though it scares the shite out of me. True story: two nights ago, I needed advil and literally CRIED in fear until my husband agreed to walk me downstairs and get it with me "to protect me from Helena." I really should not be watching this show but I CANT STOP!

/// 2. /// My Jawbone UP finally bit the dust, and I needed something to count my steps or else I feel like I have no data to track! Finally crossed over to the dark side and am experimenting with a FitBit. Any other suggestions?

/// 3. /// My brother sent me this the other day, coincidentally just as my husband and I were complaining that our muscles HURT. SO. BAD. after lifting the day before. Lawd I must admit I like waking up like this.

/// 4. /// Our coffee maker has been going crazy and leaking all over the counter, so we finally stopped using it and went back to the french press for now. I forgot how amazing french press coffee is. It's like drinking velvet.

/// 5. /// MY SUCCULENT IS HAVING TRIPLETS! I have been experimenting with succulent propagation and recently returned from up north to find little baby triplets growing. I am such a proud mom!

/// 6. /// I need this water bottle. Because hydration.

/// 7. /// My sister visited last weekend and the weather was perfect and the sangria was good and and and and and and and... come back!

/// 8. /// I was up in NoMi (Northern Michigan, quit trying to make fetch happen) earlier this month with my in-laws, and had the most glorious time ever. HOW CAN YOU COMPLAIN WHEN THIS IS YOUR LIFE?   <ALSO... find me on instagram!>

/// 9. /// My one year wedding anniversary is coming up SO SOON. One week. How does time fly so fast?

/// 10. /// I am mentally preparing myself for fall by perusing black leather bootsFollow me on Pinterest, let's over-do it together!


Don't Lose Your Marble(s) - Bathroom Counter Top

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It's official: we are over the hump. The worst is over, the tub is back in place, and the walls are painted, beadboarded, and caulked.

But then there is that nasty countertop...

It actually looks inoffensive with the rest of the bathroom finished, but let me give you a reminder of what that baby looks like up close.

Have you ever tried to clean a tile-and-grout countertop? What about after putting on bronzer and blush powder, which unavoidably spills a bit and ends up - you guessed it - on the grout.

Bust out that toothbrush, my friend. You're gonna be scrubbing.

When we finished the rest of the bathroom, we decided to save the old vanity but replace the countertop with something that fit the room better and made it feel more upscale. 

We looked at marble composites, granite, solid surface, and regular marble. In the end, we liked a honed (i.e. not shiny) carrara marble that is white and gray, and pulls from the whites in the floor tile.

The first step in getting this bad boy in place was to remove the existing countertop. For the most part, this wasn't too difficult. Just a process of pounding upward until it broke free.

You may notice, however, that there are some gaps in the beadboard because we cut it to fit around the old counter. Thankfully, because the wall is beadboard behind and next to the sink, we knew we would be putting in a backsplash, which would cover the gap.

The counter top came pre-cut with the hole for the under-mount sink, which was separate. First, the countertop was glued onto the vanity, and then the back splashes were installed as well. We had free installation from Duca Tile, so they took care of gluing it down and caulking the corners.

They also used a two-part epoxy glue to mount the sink underneath the countertop.

Here is a close up of how the marble backsplash looks next to the beadboard we installed.

And here is a farther away shot that includes the sink along with the beadboard, trim, and mirror

And now for the fun part... before-and-afters! 

And another angle...

We still have a few tiny projects left - like replacing the beige outlets (we replaced the outlet plates, but the outlets themselves are still a darker color) and installing the hardware for the vanity. But, the big pieces of this bathroom are finally finished.

  • Would you use marble for a bathroom sink, or a different surface?
  • Have you ever remodeled a bathroom? Where did you splurge vs save?
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