...And Then They Lived Happily Ever After! [Part Two]

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For background on this post, go here to read about Kara & Jerry's love story and wedding or go here to see pictures of the bride and groom (and guests, of course!) at their reception this weekend!

When decorating for their reception, Kara wanted to honor Jerry's Chinese heritage by adding red.  Why, you might ask?  Because red is the color traditionally used for Chinese weddings. We decorated with lanterns, white lights, and red, white, and black.

One of Kara's daughters used a photo of Kara and Jerry holding hands to paint on this canvas...

Kara's other daughter made this...

The darker it got, the more beautiful all of the decorations looked.  Chris took these after most of the guest were gone and everyone had moved inside...

Overall, it was a beautiful fusion - from Italian beef sandwiches and pasta a la vodka to pork fried rice and egg rolls.  To top it off, there were fortune cookies on every table!

P.S. Remember when I mentioned we were providing (ourselves as) live music for the reception?!  Boy, do I have videos for you!  I'll post all of them later today (they're such good quality videos from Chris's camera that Vimeo is chuggin' slowly uploading them).  For now, here's a sneak peak to satisfy your music hunger...  This is Chris and I covering Train's "Marry Me" (Kara & Jerry's favorite song!).


  1. this is beautiful and also perfect for a 4th of july celebration.

    Do not forget to add our linking it this party here http://www.passionatelyartistic.com/2011/06/beautiful-furniture-redo-pop-up-cards.html

  2. Girl, the video was SO CUTE! I love singing in weddings. I just sang in one this past weekend too! PS: Your dress is just darling!

  3. Love the red lanterns! So pretty!
    p.s. I, too, think your dress is darling :)
    Amy @ www.themombot.com

  4. Thank you all! :)
    And I hate to admit it, but the dress was from... my sister's closet. But thanks for the compliments! I'll pass it on :)


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