...And Then They Lived Happily Ever After! [Part Three]

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For background, go here for Kara and Jerry's love story and wedding, here for images of the bride and groom (and their guests!) at their reception, and here for images of the decor/setup at their reception.

Can't believe I'm on my third post about Kara and Jerry's reception?  I'm really milking this one.  Or maybe I just have tons of content.  Let's go with number two. Without further ado, here's the jam-packed music post!

First, here's a video of Chris and I covering "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Callait:

This one is a cover of "Marry Me" by Train, the bride and groom's favorite song.  I'm singing and Chris is playing guitar.

At 1am the morning of the reception, my brother, Cameron, and I suddenly decided we should do a duet.  We picked this song and then, when Chris got there in the morning, begged him to learn it.  It's "Better Together" by Jack Johnson.

These next two are by a friend of the Bride's daughter.  Her name is Amy Kennedy and she has a super powerful voice.  She sang Carrie Underwood's "Mama's Song" to Kara and her mom.

Then "God Bless The Broken Road"

My brother sang while the Bride's son, Vincent, played guitar to cover Howie Day's "Collide."


  1. your voice sounds lovely! nice work!

  2. Oh my gosh!! You are so talented and amazing. I would rather die then try to sing. I am seriiously impressed. Your awesome!!

    xoxox Hanna

  3. You are both so sweet! Thank you :)


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