Black Betty and a Tank of Gas

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Doesn't a full tank of gas make you happy?

This weekend I drove to Bowling Green, Ohio, to visit Chris & Claude (Remember him?).  When I made the 5 hour trek in May, I managed to get myself completely lost.  Why?  Because I was an idiot and thought that I could figure out how to get there without using Black Betty (Black Betty = my GPS navigation).  Oh, what a mistake.  I ended up lost, somewhere on the South side of Chicago, begging Black Betty to take me back, to love me again, to forgive me - and to somehow get me to Bowling Green, Ohio.  After some coaxing, she came through.  What a freakin' champion.

Having learned a lesson from my previous mistake, this time I set up my GPS before I even left the driveway. And boy, did I listen to her directions.  I nodded and followed her lead without question.  Even if I messed up, I had never to fear - she rerouted and found me a way to get back on course.    She even told me when I was speeding and needed to lay off the pedal a little bit!  Seriously.  I'll say it again: What a freakin' champion.

Am I the only one who is completely reliant on that small handheld machine? (Answer: No.)  

Can you imagine how mind-blowing it would be if every human being had as much faith in God as we have in our GPS Black Bettys?  Starting Point:  Here.  Now.  Earth.   Destination:  Heaven.   [Calculating route].  How crazy would it be if we all just said to Jesus,  "I will do anything you tell me to do and I will go anywhere you direct me to go, even if it means driving in that sketchy neighborhood... Anything. Without question."  

Speaking of faith, here's something I now have very little faith in: web design (and yes, my faith in web design is smaller than a mustard seed).  This layout/design/code/whatever of CREATElive was born over the  last few days - during which I could often be seen crossing my fingers and chanting things like "please align left, please align left, please align left!"  No, there are no magical blog gods.  But there is a magical design-and-computer-savvy boyfriend.  Hip, Hip, Horray for website design progress (Thanks, Chris)!  

Some photos from my visit with Chris & Claude:

Claude is now a Bowling Green resident.
And also a Russian Culture scholar. 

Guess who sticks his tongue out while designing?
Michael Jordan action shot, 3 points!

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