Moldy Bagels and Long Runs (Oh, and I love my mom)

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Good Morning :)
What would you like for breakfast?
Perhaps a tasty bagel?
Would you like the moldy one? Or the other moldy one?
Fine, be a snob.

Okay, so the above photo is definitely something I don't love.  Here are some things that I do love:

1. My Trip to Hobby Lobby
I went for the first time on Saturday.  That place is my equivalent of a playground.  I could live there.  I wouldn't even need a bed because I would never sleep.  I would just make things.  All. Day. Long.

I loved this dress form but, because my mission was to purchase a cupcake stand and I had only brought enough cash to cover my intended purchase (probably a good thing, given how easily I could spend money in there), a quick iPhone photo had to satisfy my longing for it.  Sigh.  
I did, however, complete my cupcake-stand-mission...

The above photo is from my sister's High School graduation party on Saturday.  Her first initial is "A."  I realize it looks a little crooked in this photo - don't worry, we fixed it before any guests showed up!

2. Finishing a great run 

love when I finish a run that felt short and exciting but was actually over 6 miles.  No, it doesn't happen that way all the time.  But when it does, I swear the rest of my day is 10 shades brighter.

3. My mom

Her birthday was yesterday.  She's a special lady :)  Apparently, when I was little, I couldn't even go to sleepovers without bringing along a photo of my mom.  I was that kid.  Recently, while cleaning, I stumbled upon a box of old mementos.  Best find?  My first grade daily journal.  Seriously.  Here are a few snapshots so that you can laugh at me for a while.  

"I love you mom you are Speshl why are you Speshl Just because i love you mom."
"My mom is special. because she tacs care of Me and loves Me alot.  Why dus she love Me Just Because."
"I love you mom!"

I wont my mom She is speshl. She is TheBest."
See what I mean?  OBSESSED.

So if you happen to see a Hobby Lobby, treadmill, or my mom today - tell them I love them!

P.S. My cousin Maggie just started a Tumblr.  She's got a lot of beautiful photos and insight.  Check her out here.


  1. the music in hobby lobby is really scary

  2. Good point. That part is not so much like a perfect playground. :-/ Maybe with an iPod it would be?!


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