The Other Brother

Pin It Print Friendly and PDF Do you remember Claude?  What am I thinking, of course you do! How could you forget Claude?
Well, let me ask you this:  Did I mention that Claude has a brother?  

After I made Claude, he stuck around for a week or so before I had to ship him off to Bowling Green, Ohio, as part of a birthday gift for Chris.   During that time, he spent a lot of time hanging around with my friends and I – specifically,  my friends Kelsey and Thomas.  Claude came to the pool with us. He came out to lunch.  He drank beer.  You get the idea.  So then, when the fateful day finally arrived and we had to say goodbye to our dear friend Claude, it just felt so wrong.  

So what did we do?  We drove to Target, bought an XXL-size shirt for $6.00, and got to work making a new, bigger, Claude.  We call him Claude 2.0.  His name is pronounced like “Cloud-uh” because he is pretentious.   He even has accessories! More on that later.

Kelsey, Thomas, Claude2.0, and Me

Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley?  He’s a cutout friend that teachers send on trips with students.  The idea is that you make a photo album/journal/blog based on everywhere “Flat Stanley” (aka that year’s class) has been.  Well, Claude2.0 (Cloud-uh) is going to be the ultimate Flat Stanley.  He is going to put Flat Stanley to shame.  In fact, that’s why Flat Stanley is so flat – because Claude2.0 ran him over like a pancake.  Did I take that too far? Never.

When my Rhodes College education ended, Kelsey, Thomas, and I (aka the proud parents of Claude 2.0) departed for our respective homes in Texas, South Carolina, and Illinois.  Claude  will be bouncing along between us!  This month, he will be playing in Houston, visiting Boston,  and going to a wedding – seriously, that’s one lucky stuffed animal kid!

Here are some of the Claudes' recent adventures:

Claude2.0: the Jedi

Claude2.0 wearing his backpack and monocle!

Kelsey and I at graduation with Claude and Claude 2.0

Claude2.0 having a casual chat with Ronald McDonald.

There are two types of people in this world: the kind that are now convinced that I'm crazy and the kind that are already wishing they could get a little more of the Claude brothers in their lives.  This is for the second kind.  A Claude Brother photo album.

Adios, amigos!

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