A Messy To Do List

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What have I done so far today? I saw the movie “Something Borrowed.” This won’t spoil the ending because the movie is so hard to read anyways: the ending is not satisfying. I walked out wishing there had been a better ending – and then realized that there really was no possible perfect, fairy-tale ending for that movie. Throughout the movie, the characters manage to make such a mess of their lives that, no matter what miracles occurred, they were going to have a whole lot of heartbreak. Even their joys were pretty melancholy. So now, I’m reflecting: Carly, don’t make a mess of your life!
In the interest of not making a mess of my life, it's list time! For those who know me, I'm always making lists. The habit has only been encouraged by the iPhone I now proudly sport. Here's my to do list of blog topics (nothing like posting online to keep a girl accountable).

  • Personality Tests
  • Prayer Jars (Hungry? Grab a Snickers -- err, I mean Bible Verse...)
  • Red White And Blue Breakfast! (Blueberry & Cream cheese French Toast with Raspberry syrup - delish)
  • Claude the LOVABLE Monster
  • Painting with birds ("if you like it, then you should've put a bird on it!")
  • Cards
  • Yes, I made curtains. Kind of.

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