I simply remember my favorite things

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My friend Thomas's Sissy (Hi Sissy!)  has my new favorite description for this blog: "It's a mixture of sisterhood of the traveling pants and sock monkeys."  
How perfect.  I suppose this post might be considered more of a sock monkey than a traveling pants post (if in doubt, please see item number 3 below)...
I like that, too.

These are a few of my (other) favorite things from the past week...

(1) My dear friend Maggie on the Memphis news for her inspirational take on the twist her life took after being diagnosed with Cancer.  Seriously, this is one of the most positive women I have ever met. So uplifting and powerful. Unreal.  Read here if you're interested.

(2) Free compliments!  Get-cher-free compliments!  This is now hanging in the kitchen hallway at my house. I'm dying to print out a stack of them and hang them randomly in public places.  Maybe that's tomorrow's mission?

Want a closer look?  
I knew you did!  

What's that, you say?
You want to print it out and share the love?
Okay, but just because you're special to me...

(3) Doing a Jillian Michaels workout in my living room while finally catching up on the episode of the Bachelorette I missed?  Check.  Talk about double fisting.  

(4) Power outages are a huge bummer... but having candlelit creep-fests and quoting Lord of the Rings with your little brother?  That shiz stuff is priceless.  (Note: We were powerless for 15 hours.  FIFTEEN!)

(5) Getting ready for Kara & Jerry's wedding reception this weekend!  Chris and I are singing, stay tuned for a video (unless we epic fail, in which case please pretend you never knew it was a plan, k thanks).

(6) And last but certainly not least, the infamous: Cool Whip.  

Thanks for stopping by!
Stay classy, San Diego!

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