Snack Time: Whip It Good

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It's not to late to whip it.  Whip it good.

Things I have smothered in Cool Whip in the past 48 hours:

Ah.  Now, I understand why those rappers were always talking about bringing Cool Whip over to their girlfriends’ houses.  You can put it on anything! They probably just wanted to have a snack!

Speaking of snacks, here's the easiest, tastiest, bestest snack ever (oh, did I mention it’s under 100 calories?):

The Story: 
I love strawberries.  I love balsamic vinegar.  So, when I read in a magazine that soaking strawberries in balsamic vinegar only exponentially multiplies their deliciousness, I of course got to thinking…  About how I also love cool whip.  

And this is what I’ve come up with.  Since the first day I made this for a snack, I have become a strawberry fiend.  That can’t be bad… can it?

The Goods:
  • Strawberries 
  • Balsamic Vinegar 
  • Cool Whip (I used sugar-free)
The Making:
  • Wash and cut the strawberries. We have this glorious strawberry ‘pitter’ that I call the “rocket ship” because it looks like a rocket. It’s awesome – it cuts out the gross part of the strawberry. 
  • In a bowl, drizzle strawberries with balsamic vinegar 
  • Add a spoonful (or two) of CoolWhip.

See how easy that was?  It almost seems silly of me to have formatted this as a “recipe,” but hey, whatever. Enjoy, mis amigos. :)

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