We Can Work It Out

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Disclaimer:  This is a workout-related post... and, I know, not everyone wants to listen to the Fitness Field Marshall.  If that doesn't pique your interest, don't cry.  I still love you.  Just for you, I'll be back later with some more love.

When I first got really into fitness, I often search the net for other workout schedules to learn from or try.  Actually, I still do that fairly regularly, just to keep it fresh and confuse my body.  Because that's fun.  

Kanye's Carly's Workout Plan:



5 mile run
15 min Jump Rope
60 min Elliptical
Insanity Pure Cardio

Jillian Michaels (No More Trouble Zones)
Weights Class

Jillian Michaels (No More Trouble Zones)
Ab Ripper X
Insanity Abs


Okay, good things about this schedule: Good mix of cardio and weights.  I've learned that too much cardio without enough weights gives very temporary physical results without adding much actual fitness to your body.  It is also really hard on my body joint-wise and muscle-wise and I end up with sore knees or shin splints.  Let's not grind our bones into the ground, shall we?  Similarly, too much weights without enough cardio might make us physically strong, but without cardio we can't see those muscles as well.

Bad things about this schedule:  No stretch day.  Other than my cool down stretches and the 15 minute post-weights class stretch, I didn't have an opportunity to really stretch my muscles.  No Yoga.  No Stretch X.  The result?  I'm sore.  It's not horrible, no -- and sometimes, to be honest, I like feeling a little sore because it reminds me that I really worked out hard.  But the soreness is not necessary - it just adds the mental comfort of knowing you kicked your own hiney.  I much prefer to stick in one day a week devoted to really stretching my muscles (like P90X Yoga).  I find that I'm able to perform better because my muscles stay feeling fresh.  That means my runs get longer and my weights days are more intense.  So, taking that day to rejuvenate is worth it by the end of the week.

Moving forward:  I'm planning to... (1) add a stretch day next week, (2) get some new workout music, and (3) substitute a long bike ride in place of what would be a run in order to change it up, surprise my muscles, and get a good cardio workout in without pounding the pavement.

Someone busier than you is running right now.

Want to get the workouts I did?

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