We're Going On An Adventure, Charlie! [Taste of Chicago & Recycled Clothes]

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Note:  If you recognized the title of this post from this YouTube video, 5 bonus points! While you're at it, give yourself 5 more if you're keeping track.  You know who you are and I love it.

The day night afternevening begain on the train.  My brother, sister, and I were on our way to meet my dad, who had been working downtown.  Other than making sure we found each other, we had no plans.  

My purse was packed with items of the utmost importance. The essentials. Sunglasses, water bottle, bug spray.  

Once we found our mate, we remembered an important fact: we were idiots and neglected to eat lunch before hopping on a 2pm train. Bugger.

Easy solution.  No noodle dance required. 
The Taste of Chicago. A.K.A. "The Taste." A.K.A. Oh-my-gosh-so-much-food.  
My choice:  Falafel & Hummus Pita with "Jerusalem" Salad inside. Wasn't sure what that meant but it seemed like the right thing to do.

Fun fact about me: I can't turn down frozen yogurt. I see a kid with an ice cream cone and am unfazed.  I see a kid with frozen yogurt and, psh, well that's another story. Frozen yogurt, get-in-my-mouth.

As far as non-tasty goodness goes, the day was beautiful, the sun was high, and the flowers even managed to drown out the port-a-potty aroma!  [Bet you didn't see that sentence headed toward a port-a-potty ending, didja?!]

As any responsible sister would, I forced invited my brother to embark on a planking journey. The plank, itself, was slightly shorter than the time required to find a spot suitable for planking that was not covered in bird poop.  [First port-a-potty, now bird poop, what-is-going-on-this-is-gross-please-stop-torturing-us-Carly!]

There were slow motion high-5s (obviously)...

And shadow pictures.  No, we are not dorky. We just love each other a dorkish amount.  That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

We ended up in Lincoln Park and stumbled upon this little gem...

My sister and I saw the sign at the same time and had one of those sisterly moments they talk about on NBC.  We telepathically communicated.  Come to momma.

Doesn't that blue jumper look slightly familiar?  Here's why...

Yes, I just did that.  Rosie the Riveter.  Nice to meet ya.

Moving on!  Before we stuffed our faces one more time, we also stopped at an Urban Outfitters.  Our mission was to find my sister a blazer but you know all heck is gonna break loose when you see a sign like this...

Here's my new $1 fedora...

And that's the way the cookie crumbles!

Stay Classy, Chicago!


  1. Hey, that's my hometown!! Are you from Chicago? I randomly found your blog...I can't remember how though (you know, one of those rabbit trails of blog reading, but grateful to have found it! way cute).

    Love love love Chi-Town!

  2. Yep, I'm from Chicago! Totally know how the rabbit trails go :) Glad you found me!

  3. no stinking way!! did you go to school there? i grew up in Joliet/Plainfield, and went to UIC for college. Then moved down to Texas...away from the cold winters! :) i do miss those fun thrifty stores that are ALL over the city!

    love your blog :)

  4. Hah, yes way! I've been in Joliet before. I grew up in the suburbs North of the city but went to Rhodes College, in Memphis, Tennessee (so I didn't escape the cold winters entirely, but it was definitely a nicer climate than Chicago).
    Thanks so much :)

  5. oh goodness I love your blog.
    your writing is so hilarious!
    frozen yogurt = happiness. for sure! glad to see another addict. :) haha


  6. KILLER blog, lady!!! That shadow shot looks like it could be a CD cover or something. SO awesome.
    Glad I found you! I think I'll stick around :)

  7. Oh my. Nothing like a thrift store to get my juices going.

    Love the shadow shot, too.

  8. Love all the pix and the joie de vivre in this post!

    Thanks for joining in on the Traveler's Show & Tell blog carnival over at Mental Mosaic

    Hope to see you there again soon!


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