Beach Week: My Sissy Wants To Play!

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PHEW, we made it!  The last leg of the beach drive went off without a hitch! :) 

We stopped at a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant in Hagerstown, MD. We go every year. Don't you love tradition? It adds a whole element of happiness to an event. So what if the food isn't amazing?  So what if the place is deserted?  So what if... Who cares?  It's tradition.  And we love it.

See, I told you we love it.  Authentic Mexican Food. PROOF. It says it on the sign, so it HAS to be authentic! Right? Ah, the days when we all still believed the whole "it says it on the box, so it must be true" shenanigans... but, to be frank ("No, don't be Frank! Be Carly!" "Okay, fine."), I do believe it was authentic, indeed.  I mean, look at these smiling faces!

And, the morning of our hotel departure, these green bananas were staring me down.  No, I don't want to eat you!  YOU'RE A GREEN BANANA! BAH!

Sidenote:  See that Corvette that was parked at our hotel?  Obviously, Corvettes don't have to park within the lines... right?  Read the license plate... HANZ OFF!  Had to laugh.

But, finally... Yay!  It's official!  I'm at the beach!  And my sissy wants to play :)

She is so excited to play on the beach!
So excited that, if we delay one more moment, girlfriend will pout like a sad little baby. 

So, play we did!  And by play, I mean that we turned my [male] cousin into a [female] mermaid.  

Mer-MAN, said Derek Zoolander... [not with those breasts].  Haha, was it awkward that I just wrote about breasts on a merman? I just want to keep you on your toes, people!

I am so happy to have some little ones with us. They make everything so much more fun... like breaking out of your merman body...

What's that, you say?  You want to see it in action?!  That's funny you say that -- because I expected you might, so I've got this little gem just for you...

Have a beautiful day! Mine began with a morning run on the beautiful beach...

See you later!  

**Because I'm on beach week right now, go ahead and expect that about half of these posts will be more about vacation time and beach pictures than making things -- but don't worry, I've got some good creations lined up so you won't go hungry ;-) **


  1. great photos!! love the action one!


  2. oh the beach - i am not a beach person - but i would rather be there then here! Enjoy looks like its beautiful weather & I love seeing happy people on beaches! :)

  3. Cassy - Thanks! It's an iPhone Gif app! Amazing!
    Manda - So far, so good regarding the weather but storms tomorrow :(
    Delaney - thanks :)


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