Random Announcements

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Shalom, my friends.

Random announcement number one: Yesterday, I helped my brother unpack my parents' new patio furniture...

That stuff was BIG.

Inside that huge box, there was this slightly smaller (but still big enough for us to fit in) box... 

It was empty. Like opening up a huge Christmas present and then... nothing. Ah. Barnacles.

Sidenote: My new substitute swear word is "barnacles." I'm trying it on for size, ya know? See if it fits? Example: "It's hot as barnacles in here!" 

This is my dog wearing a veil. Part of the packing material. We are not cruel, people! We gave her LOTS of treats! Calm down!

Random announcement number two: Guess what?

My blog got a makeover! Lyke, oh my gawsh, MAKEOVER! (Sorry. I had to do it.)

Anyways... happy makeover day, blog!  

You were a huge pain in my hiney to makeover...

and I'm still working out the bugs...

but so far, here's how I feel...


  1. i LOVEEEEE the blog-over :) It's super cute (kinda like that picture of you at the end haha) MISS YOU!

  2. awwww your blog design is AWESOME!
    so beautiful. did you design it yourself?


  3. I so want some of that patio furniture...luv your outfit in the profile pic...and your blog looks really good. Oh, and this post so made me laugh.. luv your humor. :)

  4. I'm so happy I just found your blog! So cute! I'm your newest follower. come visit mine!

  5. Thank you all!!!!
    Nope, wasn't just me! My boyfriend did the images and actually hand-made the "createlive" banner!!!! So special!!!



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