Fitness Multi-Tasking

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It's a blessing and a curse. I pretty much have to multitask. During college, I couldn't really even sit down to watch a movie without having something else to multitask with (bake cookies, write a paper, read for class, waste 4 hours on stumbleupon.com...).

Sometimes, when I'm working out, I get bored because I'm not multi-tasking enough. Does this happen to other people? I used to solve the problem by bringing schoolwork to study while on an elliptical or treadmill... but now, with no schoolwork, the problem is back! What's-a-fitness-buff-ta-do?!

Last week, I solved the problem! My new favorite workout gear: Sidereel.
Yes, okay, I know it's a tv-gawking website. But it is FREE and AMAZING. Can we have a round of applause, please?

I was on the elliptical for over an hour on Saturday because I just had to finish three whole episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (it's a guilty pleasure, okay? Stop judging me!).

My Jillian Michaels workout went by in a flash because I was watching an episode of Lie To Me (now that one is legitimately a good show, go look it up!).

So thank you, Sidereel, for being a multi-tasking fitness buff's best friend.

Here's what I'm watching during workouts these days...


  1. looks kind of awesome! i'll have to check it out.

  2. I have never heard of sidereel, but I will indeed have to check it out. When working out (treadmill, bike, elliptical) I have to do something and I agree sometimes TV is a great way to keep you going.

  3. I have been DVRing episodes of Real Housewives of NYC and doing Jillian Michaels at the same time!

  4. Love all those shows! That's awesome you can pull that off! :)

  5. sidereel is the best! currently trying to catch up on all seasons of Mad Men! I just don't like when I'm using the free version and I've watched too much on sidereel, and they make me wait like 30 min or something to continue watching. boo. but i wanna keep it free! :)


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