Freedom Rang.

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Get it? Past tense.  As in, let freedom ring... and it rang... yesterday.

Parade time.

My brother is a huge dork. Like the awesome kind of lovable dork who is actually really cool (but don't tell him that).

Here's my dad, as the Italian Americans float came by, saying "Please have pizza, please have pizza, please have pizza..."  It looks like he's praying for pizza!

I will say this: Arlington Heights must have really pulled out all the stops for the parade this year.  I mean, we had a ton of celebrities.  Psh, you say, yeah right.  

Fine. I'll prove it!

Celebrities... like Abraham Lincoln... I mean, that man ran this country, and yet here he was, on Independence Day, in my parade!

...oh, and a guy who juggles fire.  Anyone who can juggle dangerous objects is a celebrity in my book.

Hmm... we also had an appearance by Santa!  THE Santa!  Santa, if you're reading this, I just want to say thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come all the way down here!  I am sure it is hot in that suit during the summer but thanks for taking one for the team (your team)!  I love you, Santa!

Here are a few from after the parade of people who are not celebrities -- like me. 

The Statues of Liberty (yes, plural... so much liberty).

And, of course, the day would not be complete without... fireworks!

Hope your Fourth of July was splendid!  I shall return later with more goodies :)


  1. oh goodness this looks like it was fun!

  2. Love the Statue of Liberty shot! :-) Oh, and the fact that Santa is in your 4th of July parade!

  3. It rang indeed. Nice play by play on your Fourth activities. Like your dad and brother, I am that dork who wears silly hats and embarrasses his kids with odd wishes and public dancing. Thanks for following my blog. I always stop by to check on newbies to my site. You rock.

  4. Your dress is SO CUTE! You look lovely! And they really did pull out all the stops. Abe? Awesome!

  5. Thanks! :) Yep, Santa & Abe were big hits :)
    Monkey Man - thanks!

  6. You are TOO cute!! Loving this post!!


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