The Pinterest Challenge

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The Challenge? Any Pinterest fans (or Pinterest inquirers) out there? You know how we're always inspired by these images we find online? Well, let's start making them! The cool kids are calling it The Pinterest ChallengeSo, pick your favorite Pinterest-inspired item and take a crack at it! Then let me know how it worked out for you (and send a photo if you've got one) so I can post it on here and tell everyone how awesome us pinteresters are. 

Why should you do it? Fine. I'll bust out the big guns. Time to talk to a little friend I like to call Merriam Webster. *

Pinspiration /ˌpinspəˈrāSHən/ (noun):
1. Being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative, through the process of browsing images on Pinterest.com : "flashes of pinspiration".**

See, it's a real word now. Time to take this stuff seriously, folks. If you're not doing it, jump on that horse, ride to the bandwagon, and get on that.

Beautiful, pinspiring images from this week...

These gardenparty nightlights add a ridiculous amount of almost fantasy-esque light. Don't you feel like there should be fairies flying around?! Tissue paper + Mason jars + White glue  Via Source

Totally DIY-able. Also, I love this song [You and I, Ingrid Michaelson]. Via Source.

You're all aware I love birds, yes? This bird art is pretty much just pages ripped out of a book and some steady hand permanent marker (with a stencil for the birds). Definitely doable on your own. Via Source

Hey, look! Someone gave this owl the same makeover I gave Ace & Phil! Rock on! Via Source

And with that, my friends, I'm off to go make one of these Pinterest-inspired things!

*Okay, Merriam Webster is NOT a real person. I made that up.
**Okay, Pinspiration is NOT a word. I made that up. Wow I'm just full of it today.


  1. All of my Pinterest projects are for Halloween and Christmas... I'll have to look for something I can do now!

  2. Young House Love is doing a similar challenge, alas I'm on vacation!


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