Reflections and Castles Made of Sand

Pin It Print Friendly and PDF There's something really magical about reflections. When we're little, we're mesmerized by our shadows or our reflections in a mirror. In High School, we strike poses and kissy faces for bathroom "mirror shots." We admire photographers who capture moments through a rear view mirror, an Anthropologie silhouette, or a shadow shot. In all of these images, what do we hope to find? Ourselves?

As in water face reflects face,
 so the heart of man reflects the man. PROVERBS 27:19

I am also mesmerized by handwriting in the margins of books. This year, I rented a used book only to find out the pages were very marked up from its previous owner. Obnoxious, you might think. To me, it was golden.  I love seeing what another person was drawn to... what a previous book owner chose to circle or underline... what a previous owner chose to write in the margins. Somewhere along the line, I've mentioned this to Chris. So, when he passed along the Percy Jackson books (I know they're from the Young Adults section... but it's an easy, quick beach read and it's a guilty pleasure!  Don't judge.), I was excited to realize he had made comments and notes for me all through the book.  What a special addition to an otherwise poorly edited book.  [But really. Rick Riordan needs to fire his editor.]

Another moment filled with gratitude: Eating a mixed berry salad on my beachfront deck. What a beautiful view.  I look out on such a beautiful day and think... Man, how did I get here? Sink this in, Carly. Breathe in the mesmerizing scene God made for you. God makes beautiful things, doesn't He?

I find God's work in sand castles made by a 3 year old boy and his grandfather. The beauty of the sand castle, itself, is transcended by the idea of what made it. The excited 3 year old who felt so important as he labored to dig such a deep hole. The smiling "Papa" who sat inside the hole with him, digging up sand and placing castles in the perfect spots.

The bulldozer left over as they deserted it to play elsewhere... P.S. Fun fact:  My little brother's first word was bulldozer.  Eh -- I mean "Doh-Doh-Zer."

And I smile at God's beautiful creations: the boy who began speech with "Doh-doh-zer..." and the beautiful ocean God made for that boy and his daddy to sink their feet into. Thanks, God.

As in water face reflects face,
 so the heart of man reflects the man. PROVERBS 27:19

When you look into the water, what do you see?  :)


  1. Great blog. Thanks for checking out mine. Look forward to following your blog.

  2. This is precious. He does make beautiful things! Makes me think of this song from Gungor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyPBtExE4W0&feature=related

    P.S. if you haven't updated google reader, i changed my url to http://mrshahndaydreams.blogspot.com

    i won't change it ever again! lol
    happy vacation! :)

  3. Looks like you're having a splendid time! Say hi to all my pals <3


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