DIY Squirrel Surgery (DIY Decor)

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Remember my squirrel buddies? Let's recap... There's Ace, the one with the acorn, and Phil (short for Philbur, like Wilbur, as in the character from Charlotte's Web... "Willlbuurrrrrrr"), the one with the pinecone. 

They had a makeover here after this dollar store adventure.

After four coats of spray paint, I was still unable to get into a few small nooks and crannies... like this one, between the body and tail:

and this one, in Ace's... well, nostrils I guess.

So my "bright" idea was to use a paint brush to put spray paint into those holes. I put "bright" in quotation marks because it was only a bright idea in theory. In application, it left me with this...

Some brown-ish-pink-ish weirdness. What happened? I can only assume that, when agitated by a paint brush, the spray paint mixed with the original paint color (ugly brown-ness, a la this post)

Not wanting to make things worse by coming up with another "genius" idea, I cut my losses and added another layer of spray paint in hopes of camouflaging the weirdness.  Sorry, Ace. Thanks for being the guinea pig -- er, I mean squirrel.

I had another "bright" idea (ah, it was a day of "bright" ideas) to let them sit in the sun on my patio. Too bad my clumsy self had to drop one... 


Guess whose it was? Guess which squirrel, Ace or Philbur, was unfortunate enough to be dropped by his mommy and lose a toe? Philbur, of course. 

Rather than force Philbur to live a toe-less life, I decided to conduct emergency surgery. Meaning I whipped out the super glue (My right thumb and pointer finger are now covered in the rough remnants of an accidental superglue spill mid-surgery. My iPhone still refuses to recognize my thumb. I swear, it's a human thumb... or is it?! Muahahah).

Now he's rockin one of these situations:

But, in the end, it all worked out (and Philbur's ugly toe is less noticeable now that he's manning his book-guarding post)!

Here's some context for where they now live:

Ace            $1.00
Philbur       $1.00
Spraypaint $5.66*
Total         $7.99

*will be used on a few more projects from my dollar store adventure. So, really, the cost for this project is slightly less than above.

So there you have it. A Tale Tail Of Two Squirrels. Has anyone else spraypainted creepy little animals? Or anything else from the dollar store? Or been attacked by a squirrel

P.S. Guess what I got in the mail yesterday? It is black, was a gift from Chris, and rhymes with "external hardrive." Did you guess it? Yousosmart!


  1. These are really cool inside, nice idea! Great blog, am a new follower!


  2. Very cool! Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from Hop Along Friday Blog Hop. Would love a visit and a follow back on my blog: http://blog.writerslairbooks.com. We are having a fantastic iPad 2 giveaway and I hope you will enter if you haven’t already! Thanks! Nice to meet you.

  3. oy vey! that poor squirrel! haha. I love where you have put them too!

  4. This is so cute! I love the Dollar Store and 99 Cent store. Great job... Your squirrels are fabulous! I would love for you to link them up at my blog party at


    I am a new follower!

  5. Don't you just love a good find at the dollar store. Cute project.

  6. I loved reading the story of your squirrels! How fun! They turned out great! I have a party going on over at my blog if you want to join! I'd love to have you! Check it out under the "Stache Party" page on my blog: mylilpumpkinpatch.blogspot.com

  7. I Love dollar store makeover success stories. :) What a great DIY home decor. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I luv the dollar store, it feeds by addiction for make overs...


  9. Those squirrels are too cute, funky toe and all! Thanks for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  10. Super cute! They look so much better than the original brown yuckiness. And from afar you don't even see the little slip-ups! They look great :)
    Found you on Eisy Morgan...love your blog :)


  11. Love those Dollar store creations. So thrifty and looks great!!!
    I just painted a thrift store owl white, so we are on the same page.
    following you now

  12. I know that you have so many blog parties to choose from so thank you for choosing Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. This post is added to the party blast! Enjoy the rest of the week :)

  13. Ha!! The tale of two squirells. I love it. I love where you put them too. That will be a conversation piece!! BTW- what is on your wall- the wallpaper/fabric?? I love it and I can't figure it out from the pictures.

  14. oh my goodness, this made me laugh. Every bit of that is totally something I would do! Try to brush on spray paint, be too clumsy to get the squirrel outside in one piece, spill the glue and yell at my phone for being too dumb to recognize my totally human thumb ... LOL!
    Thanks for linking up to the Throwback Thursday party. I hope to see you tomorrow too.


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