Road Tripping... Part One

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***AGENDA:  Chicago, IL to Toledo, OH.  Toledo, OH to Hagerstown, MD.  From there to The Outer Banks, NC  And back.***

[The Packing.]
It's official.  I've become the girl who packs in Ziplocks.  

How did this happen?  Ah, the embarrassment. I became overwhelmed by being unable to see what I had packed.  I would be sitting there thinking... dang, I know I have a couple pairs of shorts, a couple dresses... wait how many dresses?  Which ones?  Etc.  So, then I decided to grab some plastic bags, roll up my clothing, and turn a regular duffel bag into this... 

[The Driving.]
Part One was a rainy drive from Chicago to Toledo...

[The Tasty Goodness.]
...where Chris fed me this tasty sandwich (Bagel Thin, 1/2 Slice of Pepperjack cheese, Slice of turkey, Red Peppers, & Mushrooms)...

 ...Chris also surprised me with this tasty treat at 10am (Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte, with Whip) as a very successful ploy to wake me from my slumber.


Now I'm off to meet my parents and make our way to a tasty little Mexican restaurant in Hagerstown, MD! Au revoir!


  1. haha ziplock packing is the way to go! no shame. :)
    have a wonderful trip!


  2. This is hilarious! I must say you are the first person who I have ever seen pack in Ziplocks. I may need to try this for my trip to Texas next month though because I do the same thing, "where is this?" "I thought I packed that.." :)


  3. Megan! Thank you for sharing the ziplock packing insanity!
    Kirsten go for it! So easy to see everything! And so organized! Although I'll admit I feel like a crazy person busting it out!

  4. Sounds like a really fun trip. I love road tripping. I like the ziplock bag idea.


  5. Carly! So, I remember Kelsey telling me about this thing from Kraft when we were in Destin. It is called 1 bag, 5 dinners and the concept is to save money and buy ingredients that you can use in several dishes throughout the week. I think you should do your own version of it and make it healthier! Here's the link: http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/dinner/1bag5dinners/main.aspx. OK, love you, bye!

  6. Erin - Yeah, I loved the ziplock idea too! It was my first time :) And went well!
    Sydney - :) That's an AWESOME idea! Thanks so much - seriously, I'm already brainstorming!!!


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