A Week In Workouts

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DISCLAIMER:  This is a workout post.  If you couldn't care less about someone else's workout schedule, check back later for a different post!  

Two funny stories from my workouts this week:

First, I run on a treadmill in my basement, where the old school light bulb has to be screwed in and out to control the 'on' and 'off' function that you'd typically expect from a light switch or pull string. On Monday, I went to turn the light off, and it burst in my hand. The light bulb just... popped. Thank God I didn't get cut or anything... but seriously, I looked around (as though there were witnesses or something) and then thought... Dang, maybe I'm like the Incredible Hulk.  Watch out for me.  I don't know my own strength.  Cheesy.

Second, I just got back from a "bike ride" with my mom. It turned into an interval ride... just because I could only stay on the dang thing for 1 minute at a time. I was feeling so pathetic - I mean, I can run 6 miles at once but can't stay on a bike for 5 minutes?  I must be suddenly super out of shape... Embarrassment.  I would just keep saying "Suck it up, Carly" and hop right back on after 30 second breaks.  Well, as it turns out, one of our new Trek bikes wasn't put together the right way... so I basically just biked intervals for over an hour with my back brakes on THE ENTIRE TIME.  No wonder it was such a good workout... I suppose next time I ought to check the breaks before taking the bike for a spin...

Anyways, here's my schedule from the week:
  • CARDIO & ABS: 2.5 Mile Run & Ab Ripper X
  • WEIGHTS: Jillian Michaels Weights (No More Trouble Zones)
  • CARDIO & ABS: Insanity Pure Cardio & Ab Ripper X
  • WEIGHTS: Weights Class (30 min Upper Body, 30 min Lower Body)
  • CARDIO: Insanity Max Interval
  • CARDIO: Interval "Bike Ride"
  • STRETCH: Yoga X

Plan for tomorrow: Yoga X.  


  1. dang, girl! you so inspire me with your exercise habits. I am SO BAD at getting into the work out habit. ahh. :) how do you stay so motivated?!

    Megan :)

  2. Megan --
    Ha, I hear ya!
    It sucks to get started but once you start it's not so hard to keep going... and I try to pick workouts that are fun! The Insanity series of workout disks are really fun because they go by quickly and you're told what to do the whole time so you can kind of turn your brain off and just coast and then all of a sudden you're done!
    Also, I think I might start taking a photo for every workout so that I can be accountable and make myself post them on here at the end of every week! It's harder to make an excuse to all of your blog readers!
    --Carly :)


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