Goodwill Hunting

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Title = so cliche.

Recently, I helped my brother make a trip to Goodwill to donate an entire car full of old things from my parents' stash.

Yes, it was a car full... and this is after we already removed two bins (because I'm slow with snapping pictures!).

Things I loved but couldn't bring myself to buy:

This elephant teacup (which I'm still wishing I had bought)...

    Love it? I found you one on Amazon for 20 bucks! --> 28-oz. Elephant Teapot

Obviously, a "Friends" trivia game... [Seriously, I've got Season One playing in the background right now].

This whatcha-ma-callit (because I'm not really sure what you do call it)...

This weird looking vest (I think I have a thing for vests?)...

An eagle tray. I'd love to spray paint the whole thing and then stencil a pattern into the middle!

    Love it? Get a blank one and decorate the inside (and send me a photo if you do)!
    Found one online for $12 --> here!

This hand held mirror (another thing I seriously wish I had purchased)...

    Love this as much as I do? Found it for you for $14 here!

And this weird thing? I ACTUALLY BOUGHT THIS! Don't ask me why. My brother's influence, maybe. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. 

So apparently I failed to purchase two things I'm still craving... and instead purchased a random Lord of the Rings battle call horn. Yay, Goodwill?!

Anyone else have some Goodwill finds?


  1. Love the Goodwill and all the (ahem) treasures you can find! You put me in the mood to go thrift store-ing today :-)

  2. I love thrift store finds. I am pretty certain I would have purchased that tray. I have one at home that I spray painted red for my daughter to use with tea parties.
    So many uses for other peoples junk :)


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