I'll Shuffle For You

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'Twas a day of great joy.
'Twas a day of treats.
'Twas a day when you hoped
I wasn't going to rhyme here.

Surprise! I found a new website. Design Shuffle.

Call it the Pinterest of pure designs. Users can get decorating ideas by browsing portfolios of work done by everyone from Los Angeles interior designers to New York interior designers to regular people like you and me who can upload their portfolio!

Design Shuffle also acts as a social media tool (this is why it reminds me of Pinterest and Twitter) because you can choose favorites, follow designers who have awesome ideas (like how do decorate that out of date bathroom you've been neglecting). Design Shuffle also gives you YOUR OWN BLOG. Yep, I said it.

What else? Phew. Well... member forums? Check. Can you comment? Check. Like photos? Check.

And... drumroll please... they're integrated with Facebook and Twitter! Woohoo! Crowd goes wild!

Find me on Design Shuffle! Let's be friends! :)

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