Moving Time!

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This weekend, Chris graduated and we moved him into a new house. Then began the interior design process. Here's what we were working with before getting down to the nitty gritty in this crooked (seriously, guys) home...

Here's another bare bones shot after moving in the most precious cargo (i.e. his Mac Pros)...

Remember how I mentioned this place was crooked? Yeah, I wasn't joking! Please notice the insanely crooked line where the ceiling dips down as well as the crooked line action where the ceiling meets the wall. 

The first order of business was to put up 10 dollar shelves from WalMart.  This isn't the largest room you've ever seen, so we decided shelves were a good way to get some additional decorating space without taking up floor space (and eventually they'll be a good place to house a basket or two, where Chris can stash his techy computer cords and such).

We needed a little help from friends (thanks, Katie & Jonathan) to get these shelves hung and put up some open weave curtains we found (also at WalMart, ten bucks!).

We had a really hard time finding Chris a bedside table that (a) wasn't hideous and (b) wasn't super pricey. And then we found this guy at Goodwill for $5 and Chris pointed to it and said, "What if we spraypaint it white?!"  Seriously? OF COURSE I think that's an awesome idea! Sorry, Chris. You've caught my affinity for wanting to spraypaint everything white... 

On the longer shelf, we added a $1 crate from Goodwill, a painted 70s bus, some candles and a vintage camera. So far, these $10 shelves are turning out to be an AWESOME addition -- because we have added tons of memorabilia and decor that would otherwise have taken up space on a dresser (which he currently doesn't have).

As we were moving Chris out of his old house, we found this random photo-less frame and decided to grab it because, who knows, we *might* end up using it... And we did! Along with a camel, a box from an Urban Outfitters Bonsai tree, and a vase Chris's friend Mikey made... 

Chris fell in love with batman shaped candle sconces at Goodwill (and again wanted to spraypaint them white... it's a disease, people!). To top it off, we added some art I recently made, a lovable monster named Claude, and some samurai swords (to make it manly, you know)...

On a Hobby Lobby adventure (they get me every time), we found a Chess decor section and totally totally totally love love loved a red horse...

So, because it was 50% off, we got it!

And so concludes the bedroom makeover (for now)!

Why "for now?" Chris plans to add a lot of art, I've got delusions of grandeur making a headboard, and we're still in search of drawer knobs for the bedside table, and an entire dresser to stand against the wall by the foot of the bed.


  1. um, i freaking love that "home" sign! coolest song i've heard in awhile :)

  2. You done good! Love the way you turned a crooked room into a cozy, homey nook. Good job!

  3. Makeovers are the best! I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog,you should totally enter and see if you can win one of those fun pillow covers for this room :)

  4. Looks great! Thanks for linking up to Craft and Tell!


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