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I'm always iffy about eating out because I feel bad asking servers to change my meals. Hold the butter. Dressing on the side. Is this fried? Is it breaded? It's hard to eat healthily when the menu consists of extremely unhealthy, heart-attack inducing... junk. Yes, Outback, I'm talking to you.

The owner of a local restaurant called Nirvana apparently had a similar experience and grew tired of always asking restaurants to change her meal. So, what did she do? She created the change that people like us are looking for. The menu is full of delicious and creative food - but is also committed to cooking healthily and organically. Yay! They also have a fabulous wine selection for those who are fans of vino.

Rave reviews. Two thumbs way, way up. If you're a local reader, go there. If not, enjoy these pictures of the relaxed atmosphere and healthy eats... then go open up one of these in your town ;-)

Live music... sometimes it's a beautiful addition, but sometimes it's an obnoxious cover band with zero talent. Nirvana definitely falls into the former category. They had a guitarist who was just plucking away at some really classy music at the perfect volume to allow for table conversation.

I love the relaxed decor in this place. be who you really are. By golly, I shall.

Three of us ordered a molasses-encrusted salmon with grilled asparagus, mushrooms, and rice.  Molasses?! Seriously?! So creative!

My sister had a creamy pasta penne.

And my mother had a salad topped with veggies and salmon.

Look, they have specials!

Also, my beautiful friend Emily works there. Ask for her :)

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  1. That is awesome! We never eat out because I feel like it's so bad for us! Well, and it costs a lot! Ha! We need one of those!


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