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The good folks over at Relique are pretty much what I would turn into if I got my act together and made projects like jewelry box makeovers into a legitimate store. It's time to send my appreciation their way - after all, if it weren't for my sponsors, you wouldn't be getting the other 30 posts I write each month [C'mon, someone's gotta pay GoDaddy for the domain name!].

The people over at Relique have a real knack for taking old, battered objects and making them, well, new and beautiful.  They're focused on furniture and home decor with a industrial/antique/vintage feel (and are, apparently, also quite focused on making me want to throw away everything I own and start over by purchasing everything from them).

Here are a few of my favorite creative finds over at their store:

On top of all this rustic/industrial/amazing goodness, Relique is all about the recycling (of products and home decor). They even have a page on their site called "Got Stuff?" in which they literally ask you if you have stuff. I mean, they are asking you if you have cool looking stuff that you think might be awesome for them to twist and turn and mold into something beautiful. Go here if you think you've got stuff!

You can check out their mad skills at Relique's website. Head on over there and give them some summer lovin' - you'll have a blast :) But seriously... if you buy something, send me an email to createliveblog@gmail.com so that I can be extremely jealous of your purchase!

Pssst! Hey, you! If you're interested in being a fellow sponsor, visit my ad page or email me.

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