T is for Taylor

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I stained this "T" at least a month ago. Then what happened? I lost it. Seriously. Lost. And then I found it. No explanation for this...

Anyways, since it was already stained (and obviously already dry), it started like this:

I covered it in white acrylic paint, hit it with a few nails to scratch it up, and stuck a few nails in there to make it more dynamic looking.

And now it sits in the hallway!

Sidenote: Yes, that there, next to the "5" (which I'll share with you soon), is a picture of my little sister in a turkey cooker. Next to a turkey. Screaming her head off. Ah, how wonderful my parents are.

1 comment:

  1. This is super cute! Now I want distressed letters all over my house- my husband will love it, he he! ;)


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