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On Friday night, I went to Vino and Vinyasa at TruHarmony Yoga to support my coworkers and watch my Aunt Betsy (hereon referred to as just Betsy) and Uncle Toby (Toby) get their music on with their made-for-this-event band, 7ATE 9.  <--Check them out on Soudcloud!

Toby and their music mate, Larry, were having so much fun. They were smiling and bobbing their heads like five year olds playing with new toys.

My parents also came down from the 'burbs to meet us. Here are the sisters, watching Toby and Larry play... :)

A little over half way through their set list, two dancers moved into the middle of the room and began what I can only assume was a flash dance.

At first, they were in opposite corners and didn't seem to be doing anything choreographed. They didn't move in unison. They just seemed like a couple of girls who had a glass of wine and got really happy.

That is... until suddenly they merged and everything was choreographed and fabulous.

It was a huge surprise and so exciting!

And there were smiles all around :) Yay for music. Yay for wine. Yay for Yoga.

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  1. Awesome pics - awesome night! Thanks for sharing, Car!


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