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Do you ever want to just look at beautiful things? Yeah, me too! That's why I'm on Pinterest!

Here are some common themes I'm seeing a lot of lately: whites, animals, romantic bling, chandeliers...

Take a look and feast thine eyes [or click to read about the items and find similar buys]!

Two's Company Owl Large PitcherSterling Silver Wishbone Pendant, 18"Distinctive Horn Shaped Handle Magnifying Glass and Letter Opener Desk Set 6"Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Horn Necklace Length 16 inches (Lengths 16 inches 18 inches Available)

28-oz. Elephant Teapot - WhiteLeila White Clear Swag Plug-in ChandelierVictorian Rose Hand Mirror Beige Lace 11"L

P.S. Remember the song "Wishing and Hoping" from My Best Friend's Wedding? This post title reminded me of it... Enjoy :)

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