My Love Affair [With Strawberries]

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I've got a thing for strawberries. A thang kind of thing, if you will. Sometimes I eat them until my tongue hurts. Really, I am not kidding. I do the same thing with cherries. Guess my tongue (pronounced tahn-guay) can't handle the truth.

As far as my love affair with this little red fruit goes, this is the dish responsible for the falling-in-love-ness.

Ready for  quick-and-easy-and-healthy-and-amazing snack? 

On your marks... Get set... Go!

Need: Strawberries, Balsamic Vinegar, Whipped Cream

Do: Cut Strawberries. Pour Vinegar. Scoop Whip. Eat!


  1. Hi,

    New follower from the blog hop please come follow me back :)

  2. haha this made me laugh-- i am the same way, with fresh black cherries, especially--my husband and i will eat an entire bag in one day :)

  3. Hi Carly! I'm passing along the Versatile Blogger award to you! Details at my blog!


  4. That looks really really yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe, looks pretty easy!

    Love your blog!

    In our sea of love


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