Brain Fart

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What do I have for you today?

This is weird. I'm used to writing about pumpkins. Pumpkin here, pumpkin there, everywhere a pumpkin... pumpkin...

But alas, I believe we've pumpkin-ed out (unless you've got a pumpkin recipe, in which case head on over to this post to submit your recipe for a chance to be in a pumpkin cookbook... shameless plug).

I feel lost. The pumpkins had given me structure. And now... no pumpkins. Why did you leave me, why?!

Do you remember Jack, the Pumpkin King?

If he can be the Pumpkin King, can I be the Pumpkin Queen? Pleasepleasepleaseplease?! I just want to be Queen.

Oh, I just can't WAIT to be kinnnnnggggggggggggg -- oh, wait. Queen.

I think they call this stream of consciousness.

So in light of my apparent inability to write anything worth reading, I'll be back later today... maybe with some cupcakes in a jar, or maybe whiskey apple cider, or maybe a giveaway winner... or maybe a big old hug.

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