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Cher Coulter and Kate Bosworth have a new jewelry line called Jewelmint. Members can purchase jewelry -- and everything they sell is $29.99 -- EXCEPT TODAY!

I signed up for their newsletter a week ago. I'll admit, my initial motivation for signing up was the Style Profile quiz. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might know that I'm quiz-obsessed. Anything that will analyze my personality, my style, my preferences... I'm all over it.

Jewelmint will flash you with various photos to compare and judge and spit out your style profile. Here's what I got:

On top of the (totally flattering) style profile, they also make jewelry suggestions to fit your style. Which is also flattering. Because everything is pretty badass.

So back to why I initially began blabbing about this website.. today, they're doing a promotion that would allow you to get an item from their newsletter (12 options) for only $9.99. That's right. Rush on over, take the quiz, and sign up!

Then come back and let me know what your results were (and how much money you blew over there, eek!).

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