Scrabble Coasters

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A few months ago, I (intentionally) destroyed a game of Scrabble in order to make hallway art using the names of everyone in my family.


Mmmmmake coasters! Duh!


I tried to make sure that each coaster had at least one "inspirational" or "fun" 4 letter word - such as HOPE and LOVE above - but ended up with a few gems thrown in there too (like Fern, Aura, and Ador). Probably a good idea to scan your coaster before you start gluing to make sure you don't have any offensive words or expletives. 

Here's my work space. Go figure, there I am, drinking coffee, coaster-less! I was prepared with a hot glue gun, about 3 tubes of super glue, and an old W magazine.

One at a time, I transferred each scrabble tile to the W magazine. The first tile got glued down, but after that, instead of focusing the glue on the magazine (which would give you a flimsy coaster), I glued them to each other (which also glued them to the magazine in the process).

After they were done, I flipped them over and used an exacto knife to cut off the magazine at the edges (but the bottom of each coaster still features a page from W Magazine).

In the end, I must say, this was quite a pretty project! It should take around 30 minutes, provided that you're not clumsy like me (I glued my fingers together once, no lie).

I tied them up in twine and sent them off to a fellow coffee-and-tea-drinking-friend in Texas!


So how about everyone else? I've got leftover scrabble tiles... what shall I do?! I'm envisioning a necklace or more art. Thoughts? Anyone have a link to a good scrabble project? :)


  1. This is a very cute idea!!! LOVE it

  2. This is a great idea! I like that you can personalize them. Now I'm going to be searching the thrift stores for scrabble games!

  3. I did the same project last night! Love them!

  4. What a great idea! I think I just found some Christmas gifts. . .

  5. maryliz597@yahoo.comDecember 30, 2011 at 10:41 PM

    i love this idea i think they are so cute. But i don't like the way it looks with the glue seeping thru and leaving marks. I used gorilla glue and then painted them with a coat of thick varnish and they really look good. Thanks for the great idea.

  6. Yeah, I think it's up to individual preferences. I wanted the coasters to look aged and I liked the added texture, but they can be made to fit the look you want. Gorilla glue is definitely a good way to do it, as long as you're working with a fresh bottle that hasn't thickened yet. Thick varnish sounds like a good way to layer a clear coat on top - I'm thinking Resin might also work.
    Thanks :) If you'd like to send over a photo, I'll share with my readers your twist on the project!
    -Carly @ Createlive

  7. Super cute - but instead of distroying a game, you can also order scrabble tiles (in many colors) directly from Hasbro pretty cheap!!!


  8. OR go to a craft store who makes generic scrabble tiles. I think Target has them too.

  9. Great idea!! I also recently found a whole bag of a few hundred of them on eBay! It was a great buy - ran me about $10 for a few hundred scrabble tiles!

  10. I will make these but think I will buy ultra thin corkboard to glue the tiles to and then varnish to seal.

  11. Love the coasters! You can make some earrings and a ring or even cuff links. Just get a jewelry kit and glue the letter on it.


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