Fringe Scarf DIY

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In honor of the Pinterest Challenge, wherein the avid Pinteresters of the 'verse take a crack at actually making one of the many things we spend hours pinning on Pinterest (I know, what a novel idea to actually make those things!), I decided to get with the season and knit cut myself a scarf for my fall-ish (and soon to be winter-ish) Chicago commute. 

Found an example here.

Reasons why this rocks: 
  1. It's easy. Really. All you need is scissors and a t-shirt.
  2. No sewing or knitting involved. I don't have the patience for either of these activities... but taking a pair of scissors and hacking away was certainly do-able.
  3. It's actually really cute!  
  4. I recycled. Instead of buying something new, I took an old shirt that was on its last leg (I mean... arm?) and gave it a new life. Love that!

Make Your Own!

1. Find an old (or new, if you're crazy rich or just plain crazy) t shirt. I grabbed a gray shirt I've been using to head to the gym, which had begun to show its age (see the rips/holes in the bottom left hand side of the photo below).


2. Cut the shirt straight across, right underneath the armpits. You'll be using the bottom part... but if you're like me, you might end up saving the top half just in case you're randomly inspired some day...


3. Start from the bottom of the "loop" of fabric and begin cutting strips about 1/2 inch wide. The longer your strips, the longer your fringe will be. I cut about half way up.


4. After cutting the fringe strips, take each piece and pull down on it, to stretch it out and make it look less like it's been "freshly cut" (because, come on, who wants to look like they're wearing something freshly cut now-a-days?!).


5. Wear that thang! :)


**If you're crazy (impressively) advanced, try this weave-back long sleeve shirt. It's next on my cut-and-weave to-do-list, you know?!**


  1. Your fringe scarf turned out great! This is on my to do list also.

  2. Oh I love it. That is a really cute idea! I will be following. I found you thru the blog hop! www.keepitsimpleyay.blogspot.com
    can't wait to see what you do next!

  3. I just made mine and used a light green t-shirt super cute


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