Gift Re-Packaging

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Newsflash. I'm obsessed with personality tests. In fact, just about any "quiz" that purports to examine your mental, emotional, relational, or aesthetic preferences will perk up this girl's ears. Anyways, taking the Five Love Languages test (take it here and let me know what you got! So fun to read about everyone else's preferences) confirmed what I already knew. I'm a gifter. I love giving gifts. It's how I show love. No, that doesn't mean that you should be my new best friend so that you'll receive a new Tiffany's necklace or Hermes ring (wouldn't that be nice, though?!). I tend to make gifts. So we're talking crafts and baking. I also tend to keep my eyes peeled for ways to take something small and make it special.

Enter the purpose of this post.

I snagged this horseshoe necklace from a store I shall not name... but it was a mind bogglingly good deal, I'll leave it at that. Only problem: It came on a flimsy piece of crap necklace holder that totally cheapened the look and feel of the gift. Something had to be done about this, people!

You know how they say "It's the thought that counts?" Well, here's my new theory: It's the packaging that counts! 

Re-Package On Your Own:

Thanks be to my sister for keeping a stash of "W" Magazine on the floor of her closet. Yes, I've gone through your closet. No, I'm not stealing your clothes (well... mostly...). Yes, I am stealing your magazines.

Anyway, I found a few abstract or colorful pages to rip out and use for packaging.


I cut a small heart out... but it seemed too small (and flimsy). So then I glued it down and cut another heart around that... and then I did it again...

Until I had what looked like this:

I cut 1" long slits on the top "hump" of each side of the heart in order to hold the necklace chain in place.


Then grabbed this little cellophane bag and tied it off with a silver ribbon.


Voila! Gifted.

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  1. hahaha, Jimmy still talks about the time you made him a cake! Who knew you could bring so much joy from a cake made with soda...and yes if you haven't heard ask Carly about making cake with pop. Soda pop. Yum.


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