Holidays (The Healthy Way)

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Here come the holidays. For me, here's how holidays often go: Did I work out? Crap, I didn't have time. Crap, there is so much food here. OMG, NO, I do NOT want to eat that pie! Absolutely not. OMG NO, I do NOT want those potatoes. Stop judging me! Fine, I'll have some turkey. NOT THE STUFFING, OH MY GAWD NOOOO... 

(Okay, maybe slightly neurotic but it's part of why you love me. Right?)

Anyways, with a desire to be able to partake in the holiday eating festival without going into a total food coma, a series of healthy recipes was born (and it scored extremely well on the APGAR, I might add). Get excited!

On deck: healthy holiday stuffing, baked raspberry and walnut brie, mini cherry and pomegranate pies, vodka hot chocolate, kahlua and walnut sweet potatoes, peppermint brownies, healthy apple pie, apple pie cocktails, ... and more! :) So don't forget to check back!

Today's first post (I know, you're on the edge of your seat) will be a healthy stuffing recipe with more to follow! Check out this page for a daily updated list of contributions! Want to contribute? Email me to find out how.

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