KC's Dilled Carrots

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Ah, and the holiday recipe madness continues! Now that we have gorged (err -- I mean consumed healthily and in total moderation) Baked Brie with Cranberries and Walnuts and stuffed our faces (I mean half a cup) with healthy, low-calorie stuffing , it's time to get down to the veggies, amiright?! It kills me that the holidays have a special knack for taking ingredients that should be contributing to your HEALTH and add enough fat, sugar, and (for lack of a better word, and pardon my French here) crap to it that it is not only no longer healthy but is also a caloric overload. Boo, holidays!

Have you noticed a pattern? I tend to trash on unhealthy food and then swoop in to save the day (ha!) with a healthy version. Well, this time I had to call for reinforcements! Sarah from The Pajama Chef has whipped up a fabulously healthy recipe for a holiday side dish. This dilled carrot recipe is a lighter take on your traditional glazed carrot dish; this recipe, however, is neither mushy nor heavy. Instead, it is fresh and light.

Straight from the table of a family friend, here's  The Pajama Chef's favorite vegetable dish of all time...

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