My Birchbox Is Here!

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Ever heard of Birchbox? You should. You should probably become friends with it.

Here's the lowdown...
Every month, you pay $10. They send you a box -- a beautiful box -- and they fill it with small versions of what's new and 'hot' in the beauty/cosmetic world. That way, you get to try out some high end products without shelling out the big bucks...

Also, SO PRETTY! Their branding and packaging are pretty much genius. Like the feminine, cosmetic version of Apple branding. Boxes inside boxes. Everything is smooth and clean and exciting.

I had it ordered to work and I swear to you, when it showed up at my desk, it was like Christmas! I wanted to scream, Everyone, gather round and see what Santa brought me!

So go check it out at Birchbox!


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  2. fun idea! new follower from the hop, would love a follow back.


  3. It's like Christmas! But every month ;)

  4. Oh.My.God.I.Want.This! I really hope they do it in the UK. Fingers tightly crossed. I'm heading to the website now to check it out!
    Visiting from Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop x


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