Wheaties For Breakfast!

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Something crazy happened last week. I woke up early to workout and, instead of being pissed off at the alarm (I went to bed after midnight), I woke up with energy and my very first thought was a recognition of my hunger for scripture.

I opened my Bible to a story in which Jesus describes a field of wheat (Matthew 13:24-29). The story is of a farmer, who plants good seed in his field and has high hopes for his crop. Over night, however, his enemy shows up. He is deceitful, merciless, and sneaky. Full of hate and jealousy for the farmer and his plentiful crop, the enemy has hatched a plan. He plants weeds among the wheat, then vanishes.

When the crops begin to grow and produce grain, the farmhands notice that there is something wrong. As the wheat began producing crop, the weeds also grew. In haste, the workers seek to solve the problem. Weeds cannot be left in the field, free to roam and suffocate the farmer's precious crop, can they? The workers approach the farmer. They ask, "Should we pull the weeds?"

Here, I would have expected the farmer to respond an enthusiastic yes. If it were me, my anger at my enemy for plotting to thwart my hard work would have prevailed. I would have said absolutely. Get those freaking weeds out of my field.

But the farmer's mind reacts differently. He responds... "No. You'll hurt the wheat if you do."

This is revealing, I think, about our lives here. I have often wondered (and I know I'm not alone in this) why God allows evil to run so rampant. Why bad things happen to good people while good things happen to bad people. Why there are so many weeds everywhere.

At the end of the day, I can only speculate on His plan... But it seems as though there must be a reason for the presence of weeds in our lives. God keeps them there because he wourather preserve us for glory than hurt us in haste. The fact that the farmer's immediate response is concern for hurting his crop is insightful -- yet what would you expect from a farmer? His chief role is to watch over his crop, as a shepherd watches over his sheep. And so it is with Christ, who watches and protects us as we wade through life as wheat in the midst of weeds and sheep in the midst of wolves.

Today, I am choosing to continually reflect on this story and ask myself... Am I being a weed, which twists or suffocates life around it and spreads its poisonous energy like wildfire? Or am I being wheat, which grows tall and strong, giving life by way of producing bountiful crops, sustenance, and nutrition?

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