Alternative Christmas Tree DIY

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This weekend, I helped my manfriend, Justin, give his Wicker Park apartment a makeover (get ready for that post tomorrow; I'm still drooling over it).

In the midst of the apartment makeover, my lovely mother began inquiring about Christmas decor. Were we going to decorate? Did we want a miniature Christmas tree? Did we want a box of Christmas lights?

Fearing that any traditional Christmas decor wouldn't quite jive with the modern feel of the apartment, I began to... you guessed it... brainstorm.

This was initially just an idea for good old Christmas-time, wintery decor... I envisioned a variety of metallic-looking branches coming out of a large hurricane glass vase. After finding a few gorgeous colored glass vases for between $0.49 and $0.99 cents at Goodwill, the project took off in a bit of a different direction. 

As it turns out, the addition of a few red mini-ornaments helps this legitimately pass as an "Alternative Christmas Tree."  That said, post-Christmas, I think it'll pass for legitimate non-Christmas decor (minus the ornaments, of course).

And so, without further ado, here's your fabulously easy tutorial!

You need:
  • Sticks (check your back yard, silly)
  • Chrome (or metallic) spraypaint
  • Vases (I used colored glass bottles from Goodwill, but a hurricane vase would also work, as would a few Perrier or Pellegrino bottles)
  • Mini-ornaments
  • Optional: White spraypaint, weights (I used glass stones but washers, stones or pebbles, and coins would also work)


  1. This turned out really cute! I think I will have to try it out!

  2. I love it. And you can totally pull it off without the ornaments year round.

  3. Neither my son or I had money for a store bought tree this year and we did this too. Painted the branches white, placed in flower pot weighed down with broken bricks, covered base with an old white sheet, and ornaments were balls of foil with a ribbon tied on to hang. Like yours it was pretty and we had fun decorating.
    Have a Merry Christmas

  4. very nice and creative as well. One who doesn't have money to buy tree can create this at home without spending lot of money.

    John @ 6 month loans

  5. I love how it turned out! Beautiful and simple! Thanks for linking up to Show & Share! I’m featuring you! Feel free to come grab a button!



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