Easy, Clean Frosting Tutorial

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OMG. <--Yes, that "OMG" is warranted.

I'm a huge mess maker when it comes to frosting cupcakes. I always rip the parchment bag or go into a frenzy trying to get the icing tip out of the bag and make a huge mess. To put a messy story short: I hate cleaning up.

...that is, until I stumbled onto an amazing tutorial video for how to get th frosting into and out of the bag without making a mess.

Thank you to Karen from Karen's Cookies.
Dear Karen,
1. You are a genius.
2. You have made my life so much easier.
3. My manfriend can ease up on doing the dishes. Thus, you have made his life easier too.

Wanna know what's got me so in luv' with Karen? Check it out...

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