Wish List

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  1. whiskey blender? WOW! First time to hear that!

    Btw, love your glitter graphics :)

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  3. Great wish list! In my case, I always making my wish list based on three parts: Rational, Emotional and Hedonic. In my opinion, you did the same thing here. With Rational things like - lamp to light on things or shelf to put thigs on it. Needless to say that both things are very individual and stylish. Emotional part – is obviously an Art, it can feed your emotional part for a long time. Last but not least, Hedonic part – what could be better than making your own taste, especially if we are talking about alcohol. Only question is left, what do you really have now, from this list. In case you will ever have in your wish list a “good essay’, you should definitely make a bookmark on review of Essayontime.com.


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