Music | "At Last" Etta James Tribute Recording

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Etta James passed away yesterday at 73. According to the Chicago Tribune, "She is best known for 'At Last,' the powerhouse ballad that became a hit in 1961 and which has been enshrined in the Grammy Hall of Fame" (Trib).

As chance (or God) would have it, Justin and I just recorded that very song. We finished it this week and had planned to post it today. Go figure. What better way to remember Etta than by playing this song? 

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Here are a few shots from our recording session. Imagine being Etta, with such a powerful voice, standing in front of a microphone and letting loose. Anyone who has ever sung into a microphone has experienced that rush (or, for some, the terrifying nervousness) that ensues when you stare into the mic and the music starts to play. 


  1. Wow, your voice is amazing and you did the song justice. =) I am a singer as well, but this song is intimidating. Great job!

  2. Thank you for a beautiful song!

  3. How wonderful - beautiful voice and soft background music!

  4. As a long-time Etta James fan, I can truly say you've done great justice to this song ... making it your own with your beautiful, pure, jazzy/bluesy voice.


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