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While thrifting a few weeks ago, we stumbled upon this fairly boring yet also quite functional spice rack. After recently having to throw away a few spices (apparently plastic spice bottles sitting on an oven causes melting. Whaaat?  Go figure), this was actually a thrilling find. Other than the boring-ness.

And yet, I have to say, we had caught what I’m calling Red Fever. It is contagious and it is powerful and it may cause you to buy red things, paint things red, and daydream about red spraypaint. 

So here we are. With a can of Rustoleum in Sunset Red from Ace (love those guys at Ace, can I have around of applause for those fine gents?!), we have added yet another bright red fixture to the world. What can I say? You caught us red handed.

A word to the wise: TWO COATS! (Okay, that was two words)

Don't freak out if you can't get every nook, cranny, and scratch covered on your first coat. Tw is fine. Three works too.

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  1. I have red fever, too! I love your new spice rack and the paint you chose. Did you have to do a clear coat or did you use a high gloss paint?

    You've inspired me to redo my estate sale jewelry box.

    Thanks for linking it up to Skip the Housework. I linked up this post:


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