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January. Tis the season of New Years Resolutions. While I'm happy that so many Chicagoans have made a resolute decision to hit the gym, I have to admit one frustration: PARKING. There is none.

You see, suddenly, this week, the population at my gym seems to have grown by at least 50%. Thus, I have to literally hunt my parking spot as prey. 

Okay, back to a positive attitude, Carly...

The most common resolution I've heard is to lose weight and get fit. Mine is to get organized (omg so many poorly named and unorganized files on my external harddrive...).

Fitness + Organization = A Free Printable! Boom :)

Keep track of daily intake, exercises, vitamins and supplements, and water intake (aim for 8 glasses a day and add lemon slices if you get bored with regular-old-H2O!). Force yourself to stay on target by writing everything down. Really. You're less likely to eat an extra cookie when you know you've got to go calculate calories and write it down afterwards. All in all, while you should be aiming for a healthy caloric level, it's all about teaching your body to stop and think before taking a bite.

Enjoy! Don't forget to Pin it and share with friends!

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  1. Hi! I love this! I am going to pin it now! I can totally use this! I love your site. Thank you for joining the blog hop today. I am now following you on pinterest, facebook and twitter. :) I hope you will stop by and visit me. Feel free to follow me too. Look forward to reading more from you! Have a great weekend!~ Heather www.livingonloveandcents.com

  2. Love this printable. You think you're doing well, and then you start keeping track and you realize...not so much.:)

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