Recipe | Turkey and Cheddar Panini With Pesto and Sundried Tomato

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This recipe was inspired by my lovely mother. Before perusing Chicago real estate on a Sunday afternoon, the good lady wanted to feed her family.

As we walked out of church, she was suddenly filled with a need for Pesto and Sundried Tomato Paste.

...Okay. Sure.

Mixed with sourdough bread, sharp cheddar, and fresh turkey slices, it made a little more sense.

  • Sourdough bread slices (2 per panini)
  • Fresh turkey slices (2 per panini)
  • Freshly sliced sharp cheddar cheese 
  • Pesto sauce to taste
  • Sundried tomato spread to taste
  1. Spread sundried tomato sauce and petso sauce on outside bread slices.
  2. Slice turkey and cheese, then place on one piece of bread.
  3. Add other bread slice and use a panini griller (or George Forman) or stove-top grill to heat for 5 minutes or until cheese has begun to melt.

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