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We're getting a big snowstorm in Chicago right now!

It's been coming down all day and should add up to somewhere around 7 inches...

So beautiful!

A few shots from the Des Plaines River Trail (North of Chicago) last weekend. This was all still on the ground when today's 7 inches began falling... should be interesting to see how much we get!

Justin wanted his dog, Hazel, to get a good workout in (she's a bit like me -- gets too antsy when she hasn't had her physical exercise!). Check out how quickly she's ready to rocket as soon as he takes her leash off...

This was hilarious to me... apparently, dogs sweat through their noses, so when they've been sprinting around for a while, they need to cool off. Hazel started burying her nose in the snow to cool off! So funny.

And a few shots of Hazel and her daddy...

I love this one in particular! Look how she walks right by his side.

See you all tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow... I've got a special, music-related post for you... ;-)


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so in love with the pup photos! I love snow and dogs on their own, but I love dogs in snow the most. Send some my way :)

  2. Lovely to meet your and your blog :D

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! It must be a great feeling to experience snow that one or two moths a year, instead of like here in Scandinavia - the snow stays around until March at least.

    1. Ah! Long time! Surprisingly, here in Chicago we can get snow as early as September (but this year were spared until December!) and it can stay as late as April! Hoping for a short one, though!

  3. I love these pics, Car!!


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