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I've got a new friend :) A few weeks ago, I became part of a blogger care package swap. I was matched up with Elise, who blogs over at "Dear Family."  Over the past few weeks, it's been quite a blessing to get to know Elise and learn about her life journey, recent trip to Africa and move to Milwaukee (just an hour and a half north of Chicago!), and new marriage to her best friend.

I got her care package yesterday... Let's just say her style is perfect for me!

From Elise:

1. Paper roses out of sheet music and hot glued them to flower stems. She put them in this beautiful glass that will soon be hanging in easy view at work! :)  Digging these and want to do something similar (maybe for Valentines Day!)? Check out a paper rose tutorial here.
2. A beautiful yellow and bush seed necklace. She used materials she picked up while traveling in Africa, so not only is this a special piece, but it is clear that it was special to her too.
3. A fabulously warm cowl neck wrap, which is awesome considering I live in Chicago. It’s currently a 50 degree day (freaky weather), but, knowing Chicago, it’ll be 12 degrees by the weekend, so I’ll undoubtedly get some good use of it!
4. Tea Soap. Check out a fabulous DIY tutorial here.
5. Delicious tea! It’s blueberry (yum) and a metabolism booster. Thanks, Elise!

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