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A few months ago, I worked on giving new life to an old Jewelry Box (check out part one and part two for the prologue!). The project was a huge success and it is one of my favorite pieces. In particular, I’m a huge fan of the distressed look and the metal top (which is actually just a serving tray… check it out here).

In its initial makeover, we took it from this...

to this...

Pretty good, right? Except for the cork knobs...
Unfortunately, the cork knob idea just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. When I saw a set of new knobs at Hobby Lobby for just over a dollar each, I was sold. Or they were. To me.

The knobs are checkered white (which is the color of the box) and gold. Yes, I know the top of the piece is silver. But, because there are no additional colors on this piece, I decided silver and gold could play together with white. They played quite nice, indeed.

I know what you're thinking. The answer is yes. Yes, I did allow my boyfriend to hold a drawer with his feet as he drilled these holes. All in the name of blog photography. Don't judge me.

We drilled new holes through both drawers, from the inside out, then screwed each knob onto the front. When doing this, it's important to choose carefully with regards to the length of your screws. If they're too long (which may be unavoidable), you may end up having to add a few washers to avoid the piece moving around too much or being loose, which is just, well, obnoxious.

With the knobs good-to-go on the two drawers, the top hole was a bit more difficult.  Of course. How could it be a project if something didn't go awry? It's like... Newton's Law. Or Carly's Law.

What's wrong with the top hole? Well, it is not actually a pull out drawer, like the other two. Instead, it has a metal piece inside, so we couldn’t just drill through it.

Instead, we decided to spackle the hole and let it dry, then superglue the knob on (since it won’t be used for pushing or pulling, anyways).

We used a C-Clamp to hold the knob on as the Superglue dried.

Aaanddd... drumroll please...

So let's review the three stages of jewelry box life, shall we?


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  1. Drilling a drawer held between his feet didn't phase me, what immediately came to mind was, "Oh, no, all that saw dust will be in the carpet." :-)


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