DIY Decor | "On Air" Box Pt 2

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Remember the story about the old school recording studio? The studio. The lounge. The velvety voice inside the studio. The visitors waiting to see that she's "On Air" and ready to sing them into oblivion.

To get that vibe, we couldn't order an On Air box online (like this one). It just wouldn't be right. We needed it to feel authentic and have meaning. We needed it to not look like it was mass-produced in a factory and shipped off to Target or Urban Outfitters. We needed to make it ourselves!

And with a trip to Home Depot, we were supplied and ready to rumble!

Just for good measure, before we begin, please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Kinda like our buddy Claude:


Step 1: Cutting (Check out Part 1 for the tutorial)

Step 2: Staining (Check out Part 1 for the tutorial)

Step 3: Painting

After staining the wood, we painted the back of the Acrylic Sheet with a thin red layer, applied with a cloth (why cloth? forgot to get a brush, so we improvised, and it worked!).

After that, we used a ruler to place the vinyl letters on the unpainted side of the acrylic sheet.

Then we painted that side with several layers of black spray paint, until it was completely opaque. Once the paint dried, we removed the letters with a razor to reveal “On Air!”

Step 4: Assembling the Box

For the sides of the box, we used the Gorilla glue on both sides of each joint, then used the corner clamps to lock them in place to dry. We only have two corner clamps, so we had to repeat this process.

Once the sides of the box were ready, we cut a hole in the back panel for the power chord of the light to go through.

Rather than gluing the back panel on, we chose to screw it on so we could easily remove the back to swap out the lightbulb.

We also added some metal mounts to the back panel on the outside of the box to make it easy to hang on a wall.

After that, we used the same Gorilla Wood Glue to mount the light onto the back panel of the box. The light came with some mounts, but they were poorly designed and not very functional, so we decided to glue it.

Finally, we used the Loctite Super Glue that we bought to attach the acrylic “On Air” panel to the front of the box. Then we plugged it in, and Viola!

Next time we’ll show you where we put it and how we hung it up.

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