On Air Box Pt 3 (The Reveal)

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Last week we shared our newest project in the apartment. You were instructed to close your eyes and imagine...

Old school. Retro. A recording studio or a radio station. In the lounge, a few people sit in chairs, watching the unlit "On Air" box, waiting for it to come to life; waiting to catch a glimpse of the music being made inside. A man in a suit lights a cigarette and waits patiently to hear the velvety voice of the woman on the other side of the wall.
The box flickers on. Bright red letters spell out "ON AIR." The man in a suit sits back in his chair and the music starts to play...

Remember that?

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How'd we do it?

Step One: Cutting
The good ole folks at Home Depot cut our boards of wood with love. We used a piece of plywood for the back and boards of treated pine for the sides.

Step Two: Staining
That treated pine I just mentioned? Yeah, it was kind of obnoxious to stain.

Step Three: Painting
We painted the back of an acrylic sheet red, in order to make the colors shine through with a reddish light.  We then added vinyl letters to the unpainted side and added eight layers of black matte spray paint.


Step Four: Assembling The Box
Using corner clamps and wood glue, we assembled the four sides of the box. Once it dried, we cut a hole in the back of the box for the cord to go through. We screwed the back piece of plywood onto one side of the box, then glued a fluorescent light onto that piece, so that it would sit nicely inside the box. Then, we glued on the front.

Step Five:
The big reveal! The box had teeth comb brackets on the back, so simple screws did the job of holding the box onto the wall.

We added a homemade chalkboard underneath... which you'll get more info about later this week. I promise. Hey, at least you know it looks great :)

Here's the box, all lit up...

And a few side shots (the equivalent of telling a high school girl to "do a spin" as she tries on Prom Dresses, right?!).

One from the left (above) and one from the right (below). Tell us. Does she have a good side or is she just all around beautiful?! :)

And a shot with a bit of context. I think she goes quite nicely that high up, with the black and white photography (courtesy of Justin's mom, Bev) next to it. We're thinking we might add more of her black and white photography on each side of that door.

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  1. This is SO cool!!! I love it!!!
    Holly @ Lifeasathrifter.com

  2. OMG ~ that is super cool! And so much simpler than I'd imagined. What a great project! It would really fit in in our house.

  3. Cool! I would never even think to make something like this, but you did a great job! Thanks for linking up with the challenge!

    Erin @ The Great Indoors


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